Reviewing the Laws

Legal Case

#Audiblegate Legal Case is happening now!

We need your help!

Audible has ignored our pleas to stop charging authors and narrators for returned audiobooks and to offer transparent reporting, but our emails have been met with obtuse, unhelpful cookie cutter replies. We believe rights holders losses over the past ten years could be in the billions 

Our next step to recover these monies for all was to engage attorneys at Pearl Cohen, New York. Phase one of our legal case requires us to raise funds for The Equitable Rights Movement (TERM), the new nonprofit entity formed to manage the Audible case.

Our small group of volunteers have put our writing and narrating careers on hold since late 2020 because we believe creators deserve a fair deal. Doing nothing is not an alternative because Audible will continue to profit at our expense with their unauthorized library scheme.

Our initial fundraising round requires us to raise $50,000 by June 30, 2021. This will fund the incorporation costs of TERM and phase one of the legal case.

Should our lawyers need to take this to trial, the total amount needed is estimated at $300,000 based on the information we  provided legal counsel. We are pursuing a number of ways to raise funds and more details will be released on the legal case as we progress.

Authors, narrators and rights holders deserve justice and fair treatment. Our ultimate goal is to recover all prior payments withheld from us by Audible, and ensure fair payment and fair contracts going forward.

How much should I give?

As much as you can!


Times are tough, we understand that, but they will only get tougher and Audible's stranglehold greater if we don't draw a line in the sand right now. Consider how much you have to gain and how much you have already gained from our Audiblegate campaign. If 500 authors donated just $100, we could immediately begin phase one of this important fight.

Remember, all $US donations are tax deductible.

Here's suggestions:

  • Donate a lump sum amount equivalent to the 5% you received in December, 2020.

  • Donate $100 to begin, then a monthly amount. If you can afford more then, please give more. 

  • Donate 1% of your royalties each month. 

  • Donate the equivalent each month of an Audible membership. 

This is a pivotal moment in our David and Goliath fight against Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon, the largest corporation that has ever existed on planet Earth. Yes, it's a big undertaking, but we have come so far already. Donations can be made anonymously. Whatever you give will make a difference as you contribute to ensure a fairer future.

If you have any queries or can offer extra support, please email us at

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