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Media Buzz on Audiblegate

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Alliance of Independant Authors: Audiblegate

March 13, 2021

ALLi Campaign Update

"Audible/ACX continues to ignore the reasonable requests of the authors for full transparency and fair compensation for wrongdoing."



November 27, 2020

Audible adjusts terms after row over 'Easy Exchanges'

More than 12,000 authors have protested that Amazon’s audiobook arm was deducting writers’ royalties when users return fully read titles.

Image – iStockphoto: Central IT Alliance

Publishing Perspectives

November 25, 2020

Society of Authors say "A wrongful practice"

Under the pressure of transatlantic coordination among writers’ associations and unions, Audible offers a concession. And the authors say it’s not enough.


Publishers Weekly

November 24, 2020

Writers Groups Protest Audible Exchange Policy

The Authors Guild is working with a number of other writer organizations to gather signatures on a letter protesting a policy by Audible and its Audiobook Creation Exchange.

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